Paper Cut

The worn, russet couch opens its maw
and swallows me whole. A cool embrace and scent
of old leather finds a chink in my mind’s armour.
A vision of you sneaks in. Tanned legs barely covered
by denim cut-offs wake buttermilk thoughts
of caramel ice and sunshine.

Cicada-song jolts sleep from the room. I wake
into twilight’s warm, mottled hues. Time moves
slowly, my skin breathes out. Freshly-cut lawn
flavours the breeze trickling through the fly screen
to nudge my mind. In the depths of the couch, my sleeping back
has unwittingly found your old sketchbook.

Lazy river Sundays seep from pages, as dry as the memories.
Moments and scenes captured in charcoal-scratched stasis–
your hand always as sure as your eye. A pressed-flower fallen
from our Red River Gum is caught between pages. I slam the book
shut and it slides away. You would have smiled to see
how deeply the paper cut.

Unburied Hatchet published at Autumn Sky Daily Poetry

I subscribe to a number of online poetry sites in order to receive my daily dose of poetry. One of my favourites is Autumn Sky Daily Poetry. Editor, Christine Klocek-Lim, selects a wonderful and varied array of poetry for her site and has introduced me to many new poets as well as reacquainting me with some great vintage verse.

I was so excited when today’s Autumn Sky email arrived and I saw my poem – Unburied Hatchet – featured on the site. Thank you, Christine.

This link will take you to my poem if you’re interested: Unburied Hatchet at Autumn Sky Daily Poetry.

If you’re looking for fresh and engaging poetry in your inbox each day, I can’t recommend this site highly enough.

Pirate Queen at The Drabble

Every day I head across to one of my favourite sites – The Drabble. There’s something almost magical about being whisked away to different worlds all in the space of 100 words.

It is such a great site and I’m really happy to see another one of my Drabbles published there today – Pirate Queen of the Crimson Coast @ The Drabble

This was one of the first Drabbles I wrote and it spawned both a short story and a novella. Please head across for a look if you have time. If you haven’t visited before, it’s well worth exploring the site – so many great stories.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂