Leaving Violet Town

The boy sits alone
while the carriage fills
around him. It’s a V-line,
a long haul, thundering
into morning.

Barely legible,
a chipped sign fades
and Violet Town falls away.

He retreats to a paperback
kingdom, while oblivious
wheels devour miles.
Sometimes his eyes rise
to watch the landscape
grind from here to there.

Terminus halogen holds the night
at bay as a voiceover calls
passengers awake.

At journey’s end,
crisp air whispers
possibility. Behind him,
doors hiss shut. Ahead,
a turnstile beckons.

Ryan Stone

First published in Writers’ Forum Magazine issue 159, December 2014

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18 thoughts on “Leaving Violet Town

  1. Ryan, there is something quite magical about being completely captivated by words, as I shared with you this poem did just that. “Leaving Violet Town” tumbled around in my head since the first reading last night, this morning is no different, magic! Truly wonderful the way you have captured the essence of life’s journey and the unknown direction of fate. I’ve enjoyed the visual imagery that your words have painted throughout, especially the following stanza,

    “Barely legible,
    a chipped sign fades
    and Violet Town falls away.”

    This is such a touching and beautiful poem. Thank you, a pleasure to read and reread. Please have a wonderful day.
    ~ Mia

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    • And what do I say after feedback like that, Mia? What an incredibly thoughtful comment to leave. It means so much to know that a poem has been appreciated and enjoyed and I truly can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Each time I hit the post button, I worry about how a piece of writing will be received. Reading such a lovely response makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for starting my day off in such a fantastic way 😌

      Liked by 1 person

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