Dane glanced at the somber gathering, all dark suits and dresses; he shouldn’t have come. As the ceremony finished he approached the broken couple, crumpled together in their grief.

“Mrs and Mr Bowen, I’m so sorry.”

He’d expected harsh words, a slap even. Their response was worse: they pushed past him and left, like he didn’t exist.

Grief mingled with guilt. He’d been too drunk to drive, she’d told him to slow down. “I should’ve died too.”

“Should’ve? You did.”

Startled, Dane looked up. A shadowed form stood before him in the suddenly dark cemetery.

“I’ve come to collect you.”

Ryan Stone

7 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. My mom was in a hit and run accident, but thank God she survived.. I am glad I never found the person who did it.. We Albanians, are a crazy bunch.. Sorry for rambling here, but your writings always highlight pieces of my life.
    Excellent job! Your amazing ability shows perfectly when challenged.

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  2. This is powerful. My best friend as a child suffered brain damage as the result of a drunk running a stop sign and smashing into his family’s car. Ronny went through the windshield head first. Many years later he committed suicide on his front lawn. Thank you for writing this brief masterpiece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, there! Thanks for visiting and for your feedback-it’s greatly appreciated. Ronny’s is a tragic story, made even worse because it happens all too often. Thank you for sharing such a personal tale.

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