Williamstown Night

Fireballs on the harbour,
electric, neon light,
laughter floating on a breeze –
seductive voice, a Williamstown night.
Each flame a lifetime’s story;
kaleidoscope of dreams,
lovers and stolen kisses,
beggars, kings and queens.

A yacht sways on the ocean;
freedom opens her eyes,
seconds linger infinitely,
the moment comes alive.
Knowing eyes speak wisdom
and hint at the joy of living
the free life of the daring,
of a need so carefully hidden.

Ryan Stone

Click here for audio


12 thoughts on “Williamstown Night

  1. A thrilling night! A beautiful weave of metaphors and personifications. I love the freedom being personified here. Genius you are! I would love to hear you read this 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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