He Who Fights Monsters

I won’t survive this dark night’s lunar sea.
Waves crash against the fortress of my mind.
An endless ebb and flow of misery
Has seeped into the Labyrinth I designed.

No atlas, compass, sextant can give aid
In evil vaults where stars are scared to shine.
My tears and screams, once birthed, so quickly fade—
To drown with hope beyond the high-tide line.

I’ve raced before a tempest wind so long,
My hull is breached beyond my skill to caulk.
No dawn for me, I chase a siren’s song
To straits so dire that all but monsters balk.

On feathered wings of wax at last I see—
There is no abyss but the one in me.

Ryan Stone


21 thoughts on “He Who Fights Monsters

  1. Ryan, this is impressive in all its ways… Every line is so rich and so well written that it drips art in its perfection! Just to pick up some lines: “Whose waves define the tides inside my mind,” and “I’ve raced before the tempest wind so long”… This has quickly become one of my favourites of yours… Have a magic day!

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  5. A thrilling sonnet. They have a soft spot in my heart and this one is by far one of my favorite structured poems of yours. What makes it unique is the edgy feeling of the abstract with which you blanketed each line.

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