Paradigm Shift

I’m not an iceblock. I’m not a teardrop,
mooching around your Long Island Iced Tea.
I’m not chasing dreams, dreaming of Jeannie;
I’m not slowing for one more whistle stop.
I’ve never bridged sighs, I don’t island hop;
I’ve not tasted the free airs of Heaney,
nor held a heart that, like some Houdini,
didn’t vanish with a barbaric yawp.
I have set no flame in a lover’s hearth
that didn’t burn the whole shantytown down.
By night, I am king; in morning, uncrowned-
I walk in as Luke and storm out as Darth.
Rivers are rivers, regardless of flow:
O, stone, be not so; O, stone, be not so.

Ryan Stone



16 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift

  1. Multiple comments are fine, Yusra – that’s how my mind works, too (besides, it makes me look much more popular!). Thanks for all your nice thoughts. Ive never played much with form but I’m having fun. I hope you’re well, thank you for dropping by πŸ™‚


  2. After reading your ‘Whistle Stop’ this one shows the free one like wind who has little need for that bunch of roses. A warring soul, I suppose. To be honest, I don’t know the details of Star Wars, but I am aware that Luke and Darth are related, and perhaps trying to become whole. Great poems.

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