** Featured Poet **

This month’s featured poet on Days of Stone is Margie Curcio.

I was lucky enough to receive a manuscript of Margie’s to review during a round of Sixfold in 2014. Not only was Margie’s poetry the stand-out of the entire competition for me, it also contained some of the most vibrant, thoughtful and sensual lines I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Margie is an exceptionally talented writer who sets the page alight with her mouth-watering descriptive phrasing and careful word selection. She manages to imbue love poems with a sense of freshness and changed perspective, bringing new life and a sleek, modern feel. I frequently find myself slipping right out of this world and into the world she has conjured as I read.

Prior to reading ‘Orphans’, I would have struggled to choose just one of Margie’s poems to feature – but, in an ocean of stars, this one shines brightest of all for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


“She holds the pen that spells the end, she traces me and draws me in.” – Metallica, Sweet Amber


A fat, black, beer-bellied fly got in the elevator
and rode with me to the balcony on the second floor. In the space between,

hardly a breath,

all I could remember was that first cool night, your cool green eyes,
stone-washed sea glass – rough edges churned smooth in the crush and turn of ancient sand,
glowing in the hum of electrified beer signs, piercing the dark of that late-October night.
I always thought they were blue –
like the soft cotton blanket in the hatchback of my ’89 Dodge –

–> Read the full poem and Margie’s bio here: Feature Poet – Margie Curcio

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