** Featured Poet **

This month’s featured poet on Days of Stone is Jocilene Lima from Cape Verde.

I was introduced to some of Joci’s early poetry on Goodreads a year or so ago and have had the pleasure of watching her develop and grow as a writer since. I was instantly taken by the visual quality and freshness of her poems as well as the subtle feelings of melancholy I am often left with. I find Joci’s writing incredibly atmospheric and slightly different from most poetry I read. I have a suspicion that this is because Joci reads in her native Portuguese but writes in English. This combination creates something extremely beautiful. A poet not to be missed:


This long paradigm shift

We have clung on to leading a commonly sucked life
Like criminals defacing walls in a once glamorous city
Maybe a long streaming wave enlivens its streets
In a quiet night where only the wind commands the flow of a non-living soul
Miles away an honest man has wounded himself,

–> Read the full poem and Joci’s bio here: Featured poet – Jocilene Lima


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