31 thoughts on “Hollow 5-7-5

      • That’s good to know! Sometimes we are in what we write and sometimes we are not – I know all about that!
        Yes, still can’t believe Bowie is gone. But as long as we have his music, he lives on.:)

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      • I think there are always degrees of us in everything we write – the introspective nature of the writer, I guess. But, yes – I totally get what you’re saying (and appreciate the friendly concern that motivated the thought). A lot of my more recent writing comes from sitting in a good place looking back through a window to dissect emotions/experiences/etc that I covered up and moved past without every really examining too closely at the time.
        He will live forever πŸ™‚

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      • Probably a measure of catharsis there for you, then, which is great. And stated like the eloquent writer you are!
        I am in a blizzard right now, by the way, and under a blanket listening to Bowie as I type this! πŸ™‚

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      • I guess so – not much else you can do! So strange to think of that right now when it’s 9 degrees here and snowing, but that is really hot, so I wouldn’t like that either! So I guess we break even on all accounts! Have a great day, Ryan πŸ™‚

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  1. I have seen this motif of the gum-tree/bush in your poem, is it Eucalyptus?
    Questions aside, I love your comparison of a relationship to a tall tree eaten away day by day, with gnawed sinews and all the way to the bones and beyond until there is no more.. until there is just dust and a faint memory of the beauty it showed when at its best.

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  2. Ryan,
    Let me say I’ve come back here several times re-reading this piece…and I’m ashamed to say….. I haven’t mastered it yet. I’ve always been spot on with your writings. Words do a funny thing to me…. I analyze them until they make sense. I still haven’t figured out…. Would you give a hint? I understand if you prefer not πŸ™‚

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    • Hi, Carisa. No need to be ashamed, it’s only a poem and my fault as a writer rather than yours as a reader.

      I was aiming for a juxtaposition between the inner decay of a tree and that of a relationship – how both can seem so strong to the outside observer while they secretly rot at the core. The first time anyone realizes is when they topple…

      Hope that makes sense and also that things are brighter in your world today πŸ™‚

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      • Ryan… Let me first say this… Reading your first 2 sentences made me teary eyed. My heart is sensitive because I received good news today. I’ve been in another world today. But it’s a good thing.
        Please don’t ever think it’s you the writer who is at fault… Ryan, if I may speak freely…. I’ve been on WP for 6 months, but that’s enough time to meet tons of people. I’ve met every single type there is. I’m naive so I have to be careful.
        I want to trust everyone but everyone isn’t trust worthy…. But, Ryan, you are one of the most genuine and sincere people I’ve ever met here. You’ve always been respectful and kind to everyone. I know you have 2 boys and I’ve often thought how they must be just like you. You’re a good person. I wish more people were like you… Sorry for that outburst… I can’t promise I’ll never don’t again… But not one real soon..nothing is ever your fault… Repeat that 7 times πŸ˜‰

        Now that you explain it that way I do understand it. I know the issue falls with me. I’ve had so much on my mind. But I knew if I just focused I’d get it. Thank you helping me. ❀

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