** Featured Poet **

This month’s featured poet on Days of Stone is Dajena from San Diego, CA.

Since joining WordPress I’ve had the opportunity to read some amazing poetry and meet some truly wonderful people. One of my favourites is Dajena. I’ve been following her blog – http://www.moonskittles.wordpress.com – for quite some time and she consistently mesmerizes with her combination of vibrant imagery, romance, mythological/literary themes and deep thought. Her blog is a pleasant place, with so much more on offer besides great poetry and well worth a visit. I find a lot of Dajena’s poetry offers an escape similar to when I used to lose myself in the magical stories of my childhood. She is a talented poet and an inspirational blogger.


S.O.S… Alice how did you wake up?

You shuffle my thoughts,

like a deck of cards,

till i keep remembering

“i’m late, i’m late”…

And here I am,

on the run again..


-> Read the full poem and Dajena’s bio here: Featured poet – Dajena

14 thoughts on “** Featured Poet **

  1. Aww Ryan!! The moon is going to shine bright tonight! I am so happy and humbled to see my work on your page. Thank you for taking a liking on my poetry, as you know I absolutely love yours! I find myself reading and re-reading a lot of your poems and I am happy to get mesmerized by them.
    May your ink never run dry, and may your magic never be defeated!

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