22 thoughts on “Twister 5-7-5

      • Awe, thank you Ryan. You’re very kind to say so. We actually received good news a few days ago and things are going better. Just trying to recover from all the emotions. Love your site here! <3.
        I see you follow Erika Kind. I don't know if you saw her weekly review today. The last pert was a video of my family. We were part of a charity gala and I made a video of what my family goes through. They raised so much money. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging… I'm just proud of the accomplishment and my family. It's about my youngest. He is a firecracker but one I don't mind holding. It's a few years old but I love. Very kind of Erika to show it.
        If you have time and want to watch it… I'd be honored. :). Thank you again for the kind words.

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