Poem published at Poppy Road Review

So happy to find out one of my poems – This house – was published at the fantastic Poppy Road Review today!

Here’s the link if anyone is interested – Poppy Road Review

It’s a brilliant site, full of great writing and well-worth a look.

Thanks for your support πŸ™‚



37 thoughts on “Poem published at Poppy Road Review

  1. Congratulations, Ryan. I can see why your piece was published on Poppy Road Review. I tried to leave a comment but was being given a technical runaround so I will post it here.

    Some storms leave our houses in a state of disrepair. This storm has a melancholy feel to it and I see the house as a metaphor for the body and soul of a man who has experienced a shocking loss. That threadbare recliner holds so much emotion – if only it could speak. Great poetry, Ryan.

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  2. Yay!!! I remember this piece.. Always loved it. You’re an amazing writer. I’ve admired you as a writer from the very first time Ive read your poems. Now, my admiration has exceed into your character. I feel your convictions and passion. I carry the same morals. Congratulations! I’m so blessed to call you my friend. ❀️

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