33 thoughts on “Lovestruck 5-7-5

  1. Your writings bring a smile on my face, always. Like its meant to be. Like its automated. I eagerly wait for your extraordinary work. You’re absolutely fantastic. No matter how much I say..its not enough.:P please continue.:):):)

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  2. There is always that single, highly-trained sniper, to take us out, in a great way. It kind of makes us wonder why we spent so much time polishing the Kevlar πŸ™‚

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  3. Someone call 911….. I was just shot after reading this ! (Haha). Ryan… This is BRILLIANT! I usually stay hidden because I didn’t trust anyone. However, I finally went looking for a kind sniper! πŸ˜‰ Haha! I relate to this piece on a higher level. On my fridge is the remains of my husbands sniper shot. It was a bullseye! His brother is actually the one who teaches all the new FBI recruit snipers. He taught my husband how to shoot.. πŸ˜‰ Love it… Brilliant!

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  4. Absolutely gorgeous and true. How many times love captures us whenever we are least expecting. Needless to build those walls. Somehow, or in some way, there will always be someone that will penetrate through.

    (on a side note, this made me think of a sniper poem I wrote last year, now I must find it and let you see for yourself. great minds hit bull’s eye they say πŸ˜€ )

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