28 thoughts on “Heroine 5-7-5

      • I love your ‘Australian’ responses..like this one…but I love reading your responses in general because they are just so naturally gracious and polite. I feel like I need tanned skinned and a crisp white tunic, with tousled hair half up and wisps framing my face and a cold glass of some kind of beverage, maybe freshly squeezed orange juice with a touch of champagne to sip while I read your responses. You have a beautiful blog. Be well.

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      • Fuck yeah!
        Haha, thank you for such nice feedback. I’m hardly prim and proper but I am constantly amazed that people actually like my writing enough to take time out of their busy lives to leave me a comment or two – it really blows me away, so I feel the least I can do is try to express my gratitude…
        Usually I swear like a trooper but it doesn’t really go with the whole poetry thing 😜

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      • Holy guacamole vecino! You surprised me, lol 😉 But in a good way. I get what you’re saying. Is that the first real curse word to christen your blog?
        I must say I’m impressed. I gotta say that there are some pieces I don’t get and that’s poetry, your literary/lived experiences are informing your stuff and obviously we have different experiences but when I connect to your pieces it’s usually a full-on sensory experience.
        When I go back to “scenes” from poetry that’s how I know it’s good. You do that. You create scenes that stick. The first time I discovered your poetry I was truly slapped in the face with the twist the piece presented.
        I’d much rather be slapped in the face with your poetry than read some boring ass shite. And that’s life 😉


  1. The ability to reach beyond the devastation of betrayal is formidable and something that is truly befitting a heroine. I have read this several times and I keep coming back to my original thought: some magic or star-dusted dreams can be poisonous to the heart and soul but it is within all of us to be able to rise above it. I love the cosmic feel of this, Ryan, and the inherent hope found in your heroine’s determination. Your 5-7-5 is a novel waiting to be born! Great writing!

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  2. I have lost a few people to the promise of magic that comes within the acclaimed dreamy powder. An interrupted voyage to the ashened stars, that belongs to oblivion. You have woven a life within a few verses. Such a talented poet you are my friend! 🙂

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