My Own Two Hands

I read a lot of wonderful writing – poems that amaze me, prose that moves me, thoughts that capture me…and every now and then a piece of writing comes along that stops me still in my tracks…
For me, this is just such a piece. If it hits you as well, please visit Carisa’s site and leave your likes and comments there for her to read.

Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue


My hands holding baby Cole without a heartbeat
My hands swaying baby Emma, who’s in remission
My hands embracing baby Jaxon’s mom, fearing his diagnosis
My hands running baby Natalie’s lab with my eyes filled with tears
My hands fist pumping baby Dylan’s own tiny fists
My hands coloring with baby Noah, whose life will be short but sweet
My hands reprimand baby Jack’s dad for drinking and driving
My hands high-five Bailey’s hands for being accepted into Stanford
My hands, giving baby Carter immunizations to stay well
My hands praying baby Madison will stay awake as we run across the air bridge
My hands hitting the wall with anger because baby Madison passed on
My hands blowing kisses to baby Oliver, who says, “I lub you Cissy!”
My hands comfort baby Justice’s mom who was never granted it for herself
My hands holding Taylor’s mom’s hands when she took her…

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14 thoughts on “My Own Two Hands

  1. Our hearts beat with the same rhythm. I can always feel your beats when I read your poems. I know you can feel mine. I’m so blessed you are the one you gets me 😉
    Ryan, I hope you know your heart beats across the globe. It beats in me ❤️ 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, I did read this one. Very moving. I think it takes a strong woman to be a nurse and see children (or anyone actually) on their deathbed. To be that hand to hold, that shoulder to cry on, that listening ear. So emotionally tough I imagine. Yet at the same time, very rewarding.

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