38 thoughts on “Night Dancing 5-7-5

  1. Ahh.. you got me a cherry blossoms.. that is my weakness. A breathtaking image I have now in my head palpitating with the tenderness of these lines. Thank you for giving me a beautiful feeling this morning. πŸ™‚

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  2. Exquisite image – delicate like powder pink tissue paper. This is absolutely delightful.

    Btw, I have just the photograph to go with this. Trouble is, I have so many I can’t find it yet! When I do find it, I will post the link.

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  3. The personification in this piece is beautiful, Ryan. I can picture those cherry blossoms, reaching upwards to caress the moon. Arabesque is a perfect word to describe their movement. This is a dance one could spend the whole night watching. Beautiful!

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