47 thoughts on “Drinking the Dawn

  1. Oh my.. let’s see. The title is an intriguing alliteration awakening thirst in reader’s mind.
    The poem is structured in a very skillful way. The breaking of the lines, and separation of the stanzas provides a platform for the drifting apart imagery to settle. The choice of the animal shows your knowledge on the fact that elephants do not forget easily. No matter what, the little one, will still remember the pain of separation.
    The painting brings such another dimension to the poem.

    poetry, painting…Is there anything you cannot do??

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  2. This brings out the maternal side of me. You’ve captured the essence of our time on this planet, so incredibly well in so few lines. You have allowed the reader to adapt your words to any meaning as they see fit. Beautiful.

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  3. Separation is sad but oft times a part of life. I imagine the anxiety and sense of loss when a mother leaves is the same across many species. I remember reading this one before. Beautiful poetry and painting, my friend.

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