Alley Cat

She slides through the city night,
caressing shadows to silence.
Wicked eyes come alive
as she pours through my window
like molten ambrosia
and starlight.

Her pale skin soft as the moon’s indiscretions,
her nails as long as nine lives;
she purrs in my ear, the language of felines
who wander with lust on their tongues.

She’s been here before,
sheds her guilt
with her habit
and yowls
the quarter awake.

Before dawn can catch her,
she slinks from my pillow
to bathe in the streetlight,
I watch her transform:
she twists like the band,
returned to her finger,

becoming a house cat
once more.

Ryan Stone

Click here for audio


30 thoughts on “Alley Cat

  1. “she purrs in my ear, the language of felines
    who wander with lust on their tongues”

    Ryan, that was some hot hotness πŸ™‚ My already hyperactive brain immediately went several notches higher on its imaginative scale. And the weird thing is I’m not much of a car person. In short, this was amazing.
    Oh I couldn’t listen to the audio, some issue with my phone I guess. And I’m so pissed about it. But the text is damn good enough for me. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no, I should be grateful to you. I imagined myself as the feline here. Lol. And that I guess is the mark of a really good writer, when the reader can relate to the work/or can become/see themselves as what the artist speaks of. It’s like,
        “I write because you exist;
        You write and I become”

        Liked by 1 person

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