Bonnie & Clyde

On a Monday I met her but should have known better;
a moon day bodes ill for new friends.
Lunar sea tides with light and dark sides
make Monday trysts wane to weak ends.

Aphelion eyes, dark hair and toned thighs
presaged a blue moon ascending.
With a wink and a gun, she blocked out the sun
in total eclipse, never-ending.

Said, taking my hand: you’ve the look of a man
who’d rather not sleep ’til he’s dead.
I refuse to work harder or pay for my Prada,
let’s dance with the Devil instead.

We ran for a time on a dream and a dime,
both stolen and hard to sustain.
At the trail’s grim end, a posse of men
machine-gunned love’s final refrain.

RyanΒ Stone


27 thoughts on “Bonnie & Clyde

  1. It’s impossible to guess that you struggle with rhymes – both the internal rhymes and end rhymes were pulled off excellently here. Definitely seemed like the work of a skilled hand to me! Can’t emphasise enough how impressive it was that you did both – the double rhyming effect really brought the whole thing together. Loved the Prada line, too. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully and skillfully done! Cognizant of meaning and feelings with which anyone aware of the legend could agree! That’s the poet I have learned to always appreciate!

    Liked by 1 person

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