** Featured Poet **

This month’s featured poet on Days of Stone is my talented friend, A. M. Yeager.

Al’s writing frequently has a darkness to it that captures me, entices me, pulls me in and spits me out, bruised, battered and grateful for the ride. I can’t quite describe what ‘it’ is other than to say her writing holds me enthralled. Her poetry is mysterious, often unsettling, but also raw and soothing in a subliminally-familiar kind of way. Her imagery can be stark, but also beautiful and there are always worlds lurking in the shadows behind her few, well-chosen words.
I could go on and on about the enjoyment her writing brings me, instead – head on over to https://pensanderasers.wordpress.com/ and experience the magic for yourself.

In the meantime, please enjoy:


In the Days of Kings
by A. M. Yeager

I canโ€™t remember anymore
how the wind used to breathe
across the plane of my face
or how the sun skipped across
the glass surface of a lake…

-> Read the full poem and Alโ€™s bio here: Featured poet โ€“ A. M. Yeager

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