Into the Wind

Night reigns in this abyss.
No light. All is dark, all dead.
I sit and mourn for moments
lost. The skull and bones
lie crossed.

I board a ship and sail away –
bound for freedom; to fly
the eagle’s byways, soar
the wind’s roar, sleep the steely night
safe from Winter’s hoar.

A mother cries, a baby dies;
I ride skies on halcyon wings,
feathered wings of days now passed.
On the wind, I glide; blasting by,
fading fast.

Ryan Stone


41 thoughts on “Into the Wind

      • You are welcome, my friend. We all have places like this we can revisit, some for different reasons, but dark nonetheless. I am happy to have had time to read your pieces and hope to be able to be a little more consistent with my time on WP. Life has been less than pleasant lately but all things pass, right? Hope you had a great Easter with the family. Be well!

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      • Thank you, my friend. Friends never pry and I appreciate the offer. I do have your email and have other things to send soon πŸ™‚

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  1. Ryan you are a wonderful writer, do you know that? And you take your readers to a place where we either get dreaming along with you or mourning as if it’s our loss you are writing about. From your sensual senryus to your free verses, all I can see is that streak of love mixed with nostalgia at times, melancholy at other times, but deep passion flowing every single time. Your heart beats with every syllable, leaving my veins pulsating. Much love to you, my friend.

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  2. Oh and what a coincidence that we are talking about the wind, albeit in different veins but about that absolute fleeting feeling that leaves us gasping for air nonetheless.

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  3. This is incredible…as always! You manage to make us mourn with you, just as you manage to make us laugh with you! Cannot begin to tell you how well you write and how much I adore your work! And those pictures that accompany your words! How should I compliment those now!!!! Glad to read your work as usual! πŸ™‚

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  4. Wow that first stanza–poetic KO. I am so glad you are back after your long absence and what a poem to return with. Bravo! I missed your words, my wordsmithing friend. Very glad they have returned like the sun after a long spell of gray days.

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  5. I know you are writing from a happy and shiny place, yet the pain you draw from is a well you know too well.. Strikingly beautiful in its sadness and gorgeous imagery.

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