Letter for Abi

You ask why it is
that we’re afraid to dream –
from all I’ve seen, it seems
even dreams must fade.
Then you start to wonder
why we no longer play –
who has time these days
when all the rules have changed?
Time passes so much faster,
hours flow into days –
perhaps we should remember
things lost along the way.
As meaning seeps from moments
and laughter drains from mind,
I’m always drawn to little things
which evade the grasp of time;
all the things that will endure
long after you and I.

Ryan Stone


21 thoughts on “Letter for Abi

  1. Is it that we’re afraid to dream or we’re afraid to take the time to dream because taking those moment to let the mind roam means we’re not crossing items off to do lists that grow daily. You gave melancholy a voice and made it sing. You have a rare gift my friend

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  2. ‘dreams fade…rules change…time speeds by; – universal truths for all of us and as i recall my grandparents in their final days and now watching my brother live out his, it is, indeed, the little things that will endure. Your words mean so much more these days, my friend. A beautiful write!

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