20 thoughts on “Regrets 5-7-5

  1. oh God this poem gave me flashbacks to fall! I raked and bagged leaves for my parents. I had 7 body sized trash bags filled with red maple leaves by the time I had to quit due to arm fatigue! Every time the wind knocked the bag over, it looked like a giant black worm was bleeding on the lawn. Frank Hebert would have loved it.

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  2. Ryan, you will not believe. I’m in the stone age right now. I’m travelling and My phone data pack has exhausted. I’m on 3 g speed now. So the image doesn’t load. But i promise to come back to you when I get back to civilization. I hope I’m not being over confident when I say I know you look forward to my comments. Yay! πŸ™‚

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    • Hahaha-that’s what I was going to say (enjoy your comments)!!!
      No problem, Manan, have a lovely trip. Where are you traveling? How nice. I’ve been away from WP myself for a few days and have lots to catch up on. Hope you’re well and thank you for your thoughts πŸ™‚

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  3. This didn’t get me thinking about raking leaves (which I find pretty enjoyable), but rather had my theological gears rolling. There are too many days where I feel like things are piling up faster than I can handle them! πŸ˜› Great piece. :]

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  4. Some bleeding is almost impossible to stop. Love the metaphor here, my friend, Hindsight always has a way at teaching us that sometimes, we need to rake them the second we see that first one fall. Great work, as always!

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  5. Ouch.. regrets – the tree knows the leaves will fall, it knows it will hurt.. but it knows new ones will replace the old ones, and sweet fragrance will reign again.

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  6. Wow–I’d forgotten (again) that it’s Fall there–what a lovely, lovely poem! (I confess I long for fall/autumn–spring/summer is SO noisy where I live, gets on my last nerve πŸ™‚ ) Sorry for rambling on… πŸ™‚

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