No One

dawn pauses, explodes
in a flash of carmine fire
flaring in the east

flaring in the east,
Icarus ascends his throne –
blazing flight of one

blazing flight of one,
Labyrinth behind, no one
makes it out alone

Ryan Stone


Written for National Poetry Month 2016 @ The Music In It – Being Alone

35 thoughts on “No One

  1. Oh my! Dawn pauses.. then flares out in the east. How do you come up with such fantastic lines and images? I actually stopped for a moment and visualized it. Such a talented poet! And then no one makes it out alone..simply WOW!

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  2. I closed my eyes, and saw the dawn’s petals bright with vivid crimson over that side of the sky, where time has passed. The wings of the future are as strong as the hand that mends the wax. Beautiful as always dear Ryan! πŸ™‚

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  3. Great poem. I like the word ‘carmine’ describing the sky and how Icarus ascends with the “Labyrinth behind” an ominous statement as “no one makes it out alive.”

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