37 thoughts on “born to die ~ a lune

  1. Love your genius mind my dear friend. Happiness,/life- has a short lease indeed. The metaphor of ourselves being a vase makes the reader right away associate with it flowers gorgeous and scented, but these are the flowers of the past, now they’re dry.
    We are finite beings and the frailty of the base, its vulnerability to break -made the lune perfect for me.
    What can I say, ‘beautifuk’ indeed.

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  2. Immediately the title was captivating! What to say, Ryan, wow! I love the color purple and this has a flower in it, appealing to the senses – your art. It amazes me how many thoughts you evoke with such condensed and powerful writing. Envision a score card, not nine, not ten, without limit, awesome write! πŸ™‚

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  3. I love this. Makes me wonder what happens when the bloom fades and dies. Does happiness also fade? Or is this a fake flower which is forever blooming? If so does that make happiness a plastic thing?


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