When Giants Fall

Trapped beneath the fallen gum
in whose branches I’d learned to climb,
I marveled how its limbs still clung
to shattered treehouse bones.

That night when father stumbled home,
he found me deep in mother’s fold;
blood and tears run dry.
Adrift in dreams on Thunder Road,
I missed the words but heard the tone.

As Springsteen traded wings for wheels,
a second giant fell. In the space of a song
my father was gone; mother and I were left alone
to ponder how a tree seemed strong
while rotting at the core.

Ryan Stone


32 thoughts on “When Giants Fall

  1. I read and reread and I am overwhelmed…Symbolism and personification of the cradle of hope and safety is perfect! There is so much you don’t say, but the little details lead us in: the broken glass, the stumbling of feet.. the falling.

    Do you do the same in real life? Hold it all in and not let other see that inside, there are things, there are thoughts, there are memories that don’t go away.

    Brilliant writer you are and addictive. My nightly dose before I sleep.

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  2. I love how this tells a story and expresses so much about relationship between people. Children are very perceptive and that is why the line “I missed the words but heard the tone.” resonated with me.

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  3. Ryan,
    You brought me to tears with this post. It hit me hard leaving me breathless. Your brilliance describing the emotions to a form of nature….. Is well, brilliant!!
    Truly one of the best I’ve ever read. Tragically beautiful. πŸ’œπŸ™

    Liked by 1 person

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