44 thoughts on “Saudade

  1. Such deep and profound melancholia overwhelming my senses again. It tugs to my heart when I think they might never meet again.. “ceramic skin” I thought was brilliant!
    how i love getting lost while reading you..

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  2. (Note to self: Dear heart, please stay calm. Ryan is the new romantic poet but he’s taken and so are you ;))

    This was thaaat good, Ryan! No one does saudade as good as you, not even I.
    .. *heart melting here* A big hug to you for this.

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  3. Ryan, brilliant to use β€œSaudade” as the title. I think you’ve captured the essence of young love beautifully. Stunning poem and the repeats add a delicate reminder of the, β€œwhat if” that we all ask ourselves. Lovely as always. Wishing you a marvelous week. ~ Mia

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  4. Beautiful poem Ryan. Did you know that ‘Saudade’ is Portuguese and actually doesn’t have an equal word for it in English? The closest word would be ‘miss’ as in missing someone, although it goes deeper than that (from what I’ve been told).

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    • Thank you, Staci. Yes, I did – I have a whole collection of beautiful words with no English equivalent. I love trying to capture their essence in a poem. My understanding of Saudade is a melancholic longing for something/someone who is absent, coupled with the knowledge that the thing/person may never return – such a wonderfully tragic concept. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚

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      • Hi Ryan, yes, I think your definition of ‘saudade’ is right. However, here in Brazil people use it with less meaning too (or at least not as intense). Like if you haven’t seen someone in a while, it’s very common to say ‘que saudades de vocΓͺ'(Ohh, I’ve missed you). Like a term of endearment.
        Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

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      • So interesting! I’ve never heard it used before (I live in Australia) – I stumbled across it searching for unusual words and I thought the meaning was beautiful. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

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  5. This has brought back fond memories of young love and other tragedies. The opening line is beyond beautiful and the visual it creates made my heart skip a beat. You could melt stones with your words Mr. Stone. πŸ™‚

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