Toasting Marshmallows

Pierced by a willow spear, the marshmallow blisters; bemoans
its heated rush towards metamorphosis. A Phoenix, unborn,
the pink skin ruptures, sloughs off to flare briefly; returns
to the ashen dreams of a ghost gum. Freedom dies
with your smile and I find myself colder; wishing to stand beside you.
Always. But that would betray wings as yet unfurled.

Overhead, the cross hangs low. Four nimbus globes dance below,
across a lady’s mercurial skin. Your hand withdraws to discover
a soft mallow heart, licked by the inner flame. Released.
Framed in that introspective light I see you hurtling forward,
a stellar memory of lost radiance and I wish to tell you:
it’s the novas that define us.

– Ryan Stone


31 thoughts on “Toasting Marshmallows

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  2. Ohh Ryan.. you wrote your soul in these verses. Yes, those novas super or not, bring us closer to introspect and knowledge of who we are.
    Brought me to tears.. Hugs to you!!!!

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    • Haha, is that code for ‘too obscure’?! No probs – it is extremely personal and (as I thought when I wrote it) most likely too obscure. It came about as my introspective nature took my mind on a journey pondering my relationship with my young son and how it would change and grow over time…


  3. So, Ajay and I were talking one day about how your poems get a bit abstract and totally leave us “mind-blown and bewildered”. This is definitely one of them. (It’s not a bad thing!) This poem is so deep and beautifully heavy that it’s refreshing to read! Actually, really refreshing to read. You don’t know how many terrible poems I’ve had to read and edit this week. πŸ˜› Your style is always breathtaking.

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