36 thoughts on “Yu Yi

  1. Soft moons to guide her through night’s dunes! – That left me wide eyed and made my jaw drop! I have very rarely read lines that capture this kind of beauty in them! And the few times I’ve read something like this, has been on your blog πŸ™‚

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  2. A box each we both got
    yours lacy, mine stony
    Shy sundrops you caught
    Mine has hearts tiny

    Many moons to guide you
    Through rough lost nights
    No suns, no moons on cue
    For me, yet dark delights

    Just inspired by your lovely piece, Ryan! You do this to me often.

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  3. Keeping memories tight, so tight that each and every soft spot could be exposed, could be protected.
    To feel the rapid rush of first sunrise, moon-rise, first kiss, first baby.. the calm, the heat.. all senses heightened in a box of memories. yΓΉ yi…
    To go back and open it in days when the sun does not rise, when the sky is moonless, when the kiss is vacant, when the baby is an angel, when the chaos ensues, when the heat lacks.
    πŸ™‚ all of these in one musette! so, how can one not love your poetry?
    Dajena πŸ˜€

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  4. I enjoyed this poem Ryan. All your poems are great. What I wanted to comment on was the wonderful short story I finished reading that you wrote. You did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed your prose and hope you do more of it. Your story was a bit long to read in one piece on an IPad but I’d say 85 percent of the time you held my attention by what was going on in the story. I do enjoy serial stories where the story ends on a twist or hook, to keep you interested for the next week or the next part. I have found in my own fiction writing, if you hook people enough and get them interested, you will develope a fan base who will read next time you post the next part for your story. I think you could have posted this in three parts and it would have been a bit better than reading it all at once. Bu that is my opinion. It was very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the story, even though things ended badly for his friend, there was in a way, hope at the end.

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