*I’m excited to announce this poem has just been published for the first time at Pyrokinection*


A shrill yap, cut short; a thud
reverberates from car wheel
to the padlocked room at his core
where once he cowered from the beating
of his childhood heart, as shadows raged outside.

Now a father’s blows are replaced by blood,
pounding a drum in his ears; a mother’s wails
replaced by a dog’s dying yowls.

Howls turn to pants,
turn to silence
and he finds himself driving–
one more mangled wreck
fading behind.

Ryan Stone

First published at Pyrokinection, June 2016.


44 thoughts on “Wreckage

  1. Intense and violent. Showing both the unfortunate death of the dog, hit by his car, overlapping the memories of him being beaten by his Dad. Strong topics and written about well.

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  2. Gosh Ryan .. How do I congratulate you after the intensity of this poem…?
    This piece congealed the warmth of my blood, churned me so strongly that something spilled over from my eyes.. Your words moved me deeply. Sending you hugs my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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