Daughter of the Plains

soaked skies, sunrise
woke her –

blue grass
seas lilt behind
stained glass

at dawn.
On morning’s grace
she’s borne.

Ryan Stone



32 thoughts on “Daughter of the Plains

  1. I agree with Emily, Ryan–“special and unique” are among other words of praise I’d use to describe you and your stellar writings. I’m thinking I need to reblog this one–okay with you??

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  2. Reblogged this on LINES of SHADEAU and commented:
    I’m totally crazy for anything Ryan writes–it’s difficult to describe his gift, some call him “unique”, which is true, but there’s so much more–I guess he just strikes notes that resonate deep in the marrow of my heart. If you enjoy this piece as much as I did, visit his blog for MORE good stuff–don’t leave this Stone unturned!

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