Witness Interview

On his first visit
we sat silent for a time
before he asked if all things go to heaven.
I told him good people go to heaven
and his mother had been good.

The next time
he asked right away
how his mother flew to heaven
without wings.
I said that angels lift us up
when we cannot fly.

Our last visit was short.
His mother liked butterflies
so he’d sent her a few, he told me.
First he ripped off their wings —
unneeded things — then burned them
like he’d seen his dad do.

Ryan Stone


44 thoughts on “Witness Interview

  1. Have I missed your work!!! Of course YES!!!
    How lovely to read something from you again… The end was shocking, made me cringe, made me think!!! I think I’m still very much in shock… Your brain is a vault I’d definitely like to look into.. Where do you get these profound ideas from?!?!

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  3. This piece is powerful and and striking. I love how the father gently explains the first two times how the mother went to heaven because she was “good” and Angels took her, so she didn’t need wings. But the last verse is a bit if a shocker and hints at something terrible beneath these explanations. It’s pretty tragic this little boy, ripping off butterfly wings and burning them as his father did. I’m wondering if the Dad killed Mom, and he saw Dad burning her body,

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