39 thoughts on “Roulette

  1. I can feel the static of gray clouds, the bite of cold lonesome air, and the meak aura of the new day.
    The mill goes round and round, spinning all thoughts in many directions, hoping that the next round won’t come on bleak promises.
    Splendidly sad.. hugs!!

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  2. It’s interesting, your description of the sunrise isn’t beautiful. You use the words “slate” and “blood clot” and the second word, if not the first tells us the tone of this poem. Sad to think what the speaker says “life must be more than this” but we all feel this way at times. Perhaps, another day the sun will be brilliant and alive, and the day will hold something worth waking up and being excited for? I guess I just hope ๐Ÿ™‚ Great poetry Ryan.

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