Mother’s Hands

Advertisement for Myers Gloves, by Margaret Watkins (Canada), 1920s.

Mother’s Hands

Strong enough to lift me
each time I couldn’t rise. Soft
as cotton wool, washing
dirt from scrapes and tears
from eyes. Firm enough
to model clay
and boys, to bowls
and men, yet fine
when stroking ivory keys–
FΓΌr Elise and Clair de Lune.
They’d curl through each long evening
around her only vice, in a holder
like Audrey’s, that never left her side.
I’m thinking of her hands now–
strong and wild and free; missing
her hands now, as I watch ashes
blow to sea.

Ryan Stone

Written for the 20 poem challenge at Ekphrastic, September 2016.

First published at Ekphrastic, September 2016

40 thoughts on “Mother’s Hands

  1. I can’t find the right literary term for this, but I like how you used this literary device so the Mom’s hand represented her whole self. She comes across elegantly, artistic, and loving. Her having that same cigarette holder as Audrey makes her seem both classy , yet at the same time may give us indication of what she may have passed away from. She is remembered a the end, again through her hands, but they too are ashes as the rest of her. Lovely work Ryan!

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  2. This is so beautiful Ryan! I also wrote a poem titled “Hands”! Yours describe the hands which gives a mother’s love, protection and sweetness, but also are the hands of a woman that intensely lived her life experiences until the end flowing away in ashes blow to sea for her life in eternity. Always your work is beautifully written! I hope you’re well!

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