The Sculptor

On Sunset Strip the lights have dimmed
And silent now their siren’s call.
A fading starlet’s eyes are brimmed
With tears–one more forgotten thrall
Who keeps her locks of platinum trimmed,
Awaits her call to glory,
Lays bare her soul to cheat decay
And rewrite her life’s story.
He sculpts her in immortal clay,
In meadows cold and hoary;
Holds time’s determined march at bay
From fields of faded glory.

Ryan Stone



25 thoughts on “The Sculptor

  1. This is a sorrowful piece but kind of hopeful,at the end. More than her forever being sculpted left an idol, not a faded Hollywood star with bleach blond hair. She’s frozen in time at a certain age, her most beautiful and remembered because at her height she fell. That was her fame. I’m not sure if I’m on point. But besides the blond hair, Judy Garland (Dorothy the Wizard of Oz etc.) came to mind. There are many others. Plus, I saw you had addiction as a category word, so for me things make sense that way. Excellent writing.

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