Telepoembooth – a call for submissions

Calling All Poets

Take one vintage American phone booth (like Superman changed clothes in), one rotary dial phone (complete with cord), add a customized directory and a little technological magic, and BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO! A Telepoem Booth is born!

In the middle of Pennsylvania!

The town of State College, home to Penn State University, will also be home to a Telepoem Booth this spring, where people can look in a directory, find a poem, dial it up and hear the poet.


That’s where followers of Days of Stone come in. We need POEMS! Lyric poems, narrative poems, limericks, slam, rhyming, free verse – whatever you write. We also would like poems in foreign languages that can be recorded both in that language and English.

Our deadline for submitting poems is January 1, 2017, and all the info is found on the submission form:  FOLLOW THIS LINK

Ryan has already gifted us with 5 of his wonderful poems, and we hope you will too. For more about the project, you can go to our Facebook page – Telepoem Booth State College – or contact us at

Hope to hear from you! And thank you to Ryan for forwarding our news to his world!



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