The Sum of Us

Born into flame, the Phoenix laments
its heated rush towards metamorphosis.
Skin ruptures, sloughs off and flares briefly,
shedding ash and dreams. Freedom dies
with your smile and I find myself colder —
wishing to stand beside you. Always.
A betrayal of wings, as yet unfurled.

Overhead the cross hangs low, mercurial;
fickle as a lover’s embrace. The yearning heart,
released, takes flight. Framed in that introspective light
I see you hurtling forward — a stellar memory
of lost radiance and I wish to tell you:
it’s the novas that define us.

– Ryan Stone

14 thoughts on “The Sum of Us

  1. This one had to read a few times and think. The description of her as the Phoenix rising are transforming is very visceral and graphic. But b/c she is transforming you wouldn’t think he’d be cold but I think what she becomes is something that leaves him feeling distant and betrayed by her new form, how she is now. I think ‘the cross’ is the Christian crucifix though I’m not sure, it makes sense hanging low and the speaker feels that what the cross represents is fickle and unpredictable as a lover who isn’t faithful. He’s not sure what he can believe. But because he is looking within himself, his heart takes flight and she is hurtling towards him a “stellar memory” or a star perhaps herself and he wants her to know that the brightness of the Stars perhaps the bright points in life are what is memorable what is important. Perhaps that change and thoughts of faith though painful and unpredictable are necessary and when a person shines brightest. Fascinating one my friend 🙂

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      • Haha, I just like poetry and poetry that I have to puzzle out because there are deeper meanings, it’s fascinating as I said. I’m glad I get your meaning and a I hope it helps you as a writer 🙂 You are n excellent one! Cheers.

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