Stuff Most Cops Know

Lunacy lives in the full face of the moon,
blood has infinite shades of red. The perfect crime
doesn’t exist. Every contact leaves a trace.

When there’s nothing to gain, people can still be evil;
when there’s everything to lose, people may surprise you.
Occasionally there is honour among thieves.

There are multiple truths, perspective is all. Sometimes
there are only questions. Everyone has a price,
I’m not talking money. Life is unfair. Trust me

means don’t. The sins of one moment can reverberate
for a lifetime. Love is the very best
and worst of things.

Ryan Stone

For dVerse prompt, May 11, 2017 – a List Poem.



26 thoughts on “Stuff Most Cops Know

  1. I usually assume that if someone has to say “trust me” there is some reason why one shouldn’t. Some of my childhood scars are still reverberating in the present although the wrinkles are burying them.

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  2. The first people I usually hear asking for trust are ambulance chasing attorneys and politicians saying, “We just want to help you”. Then there are drug companies, TV preachers. But trust me, there’s no deception here lol

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