Lunchline Metaphysics

His smile dies unseen
by You’re Being Served By Eve

though he’s loved her
each lunch break,
in a year full
of lunch breaks–

one more lonely sapling
in a nondescript forest

where he knows should he fall
he won’t even make a sound.

Ryan Stone

It’s quadrille Monday at dVerse and today’s prompt is Sound Off!


26 thoughts on “Lunchline Metaphysics

  1. I do like your second one better but this theme is completely different and good in its own way. In a sad way of loving someone from a distance of unrequited love. She does not know or notice him so he is the invisible to her so when he ‘falls’ she sees and hears nothing b/c she’s not listening 🙂

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  2. Great title and such a melancholy sadness that comes with feeling emotions for someone from a distance. I think it’s a common occurrence and we go through life never knowing that someone had a “crush”…or more, on us.

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