Where Children Fly

Beyond the reach of
dragon-flight, maids of Odin
in Autumn mists cry

for fair Honah-Lee
slipped from sight, to vaults only
Valkyries dare fly.

Passing beyond time
and meaning, no longer tied
with shackles, earthbound–

soaring realms golden
and gleaming, far away from
the dark underground.

Ryan Stone

Today at dVerse we’re exploring the underground.

13 thoughts on “Where Children Fly

  1. Beautiful imagery. The freedom of this dragon, “puff the magic dragon” to mythology, to fly with the valkyries (Orin’s handmaidens) in the sky. The Norse mythology is wonderful and the knowing of existence in eternal realm. But then I also wonder if this a poem written about a guy smoking up, creating this imagery as he is “high” and free in his imagination. In both cases below us the darkness and the threat of what could be. Fascinating stuff 🙂

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