For the Girl in the Grove

You won’t recall that ride through the walnuts,
one fey afternoon in fall — a city boy
on penance in the country, I’d never ridden before.
You were kind in a time of rough edges,
shared your saddle along spice-scented rows.
I swayed behind you, astride your palomino,
never more aware of a girl. Heat rose
in places where the lines of us blurred,
flared when my hand brushed your breast.
I almost kissed you when you turned to talk,
wish I’d kissed you instead of still guessing
just what you meant when you told me
not to let go.

Ryan Stone


17 thoughts on “For the Girl in the Grove

  1. Man, this is so good. By the time I made it to the last line I was filled with goosebumps. The hint of regret or wishing time back is a familiar one. The scene you paint with words is vivid. I could smell the leather of the saddle and feel the heat rise. I even swallowed during the brushing. A great piece.

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  2. Oh Boy, my dear Ryan, this is why you are one of my few favorites (FTL’s too, of course โค๏ธ). This made my senses go a bit berserk and it was like a motion picture running in my head. Your ability to do that is amazing. I’ll stop for now because I’ll go on and on, you know me so well, yeah? And I’m on a break really but I just couldn’t refrain from doing this. You are the Chosen One. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ Lolololol.
    P.S. thanks for the reblog and more so for this friendship that will never go out of style. Catch you soon, Mr. Awesome.

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  4. Hello Ryan , how are you doing?
    A very evocative piiece. I can feel the tension between them, the closeness, him behind her in the saddle. The line “heat rose where the lines of us blurred” has very powerful images with it. You can picture them melting into each other, physically, in such beautiful surroundings, sharing new experiences, in several ways. The end is passionate, alive with desire/want/need etc but also that regret that what the speaker wanted, and probably what she wanted, never was more than what it turned out to be. Both a tension of being so close “melting” into one another but also being so far and b/c of that, forever wondering what might have occurred.

    Very well written. Paints an interesting story of young love/attraction.

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