Riders in the Night

Outside, in the distance
a wild cat did growl
two riders were approaching
the wind began to howl. -Bob Dylan

Hoofbeats on the tundra!
Beneath a mage’s moon
she draws her shutters closely,
prays morning finds her soon.

Thunder shatters silence,
a rapping at her door
tears the night asunder–
a mountain cat’s wild roar.

All along the cornflower
rows, shadows dance with glee,
seeking answers in the wind
howling by a lone oak tree.

Dawn finds an empty homestead–
bleeds in through broken panes,
across spilled dill an’ fennel
and spattered, rusty stains.

Ryan Stone

first published by Poppy Road Review, August 2017

14 thoughts on “Riders in the Night

  1. What a fantastic way to carry forward Dylon’s beautiful verse. He would have been so proud, methinks! Its rhythmic and powerfully thrilling. A potent and heady mix of omens and bone chilling suspense. The second verse is a killer and the finale is drop dead (literally) gorgeous. If I didn’t know you any better and had stumbled upon this piece, I would have assumed Stephen King had tried his hand at poetry. (Don’t call me a flatterer no, you!)

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