Sometimes she’s wildfire, burning through the night;
some days she’s a winter storm, ice and fury unleashed.

Sometimes she’s a shadow, neither fully here or really there;
some days she’s untamable, wild as rolling seas.

Sometimes I hold her close, as the world starts coming undone;
some days we fit together and I feel that I belong.

Ryan Stone

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47 thoughts on “Days

  1. Life and the relationships we form are like this. It’s like the ebb and floe of tides. You capture it perfectly in this piece, Ryan, and the image is spectacular, too.

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  2. This poem melted me. I read and re-read it finding myself drawn and pulled strongly towards this lady. Only you can make the reader fall in love with anyone.
    Left me with a sweet taste of cinnamon and spice. 🙂

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