New Poem Published at Algebra of Owls

Hi, gang. I apologize for being absent for awhile – a nasty wrist injury has kept me away from my computer and in a bit of a slump as I’m forced to consider the effect it will have on my career.

Thankfully a ray of sunshine arrived in the form of a new poem – For the Girl in the Grove – published on one of my favourite poetry sites – Algebra of Owls.

This link will take you there if you’d like a look – For the Girl in the Grove

I’d also like to thank Paul and his editorial team – Algebra of Owls is a wonderful site and the staff do such a great job reading and responding to submissions. Definitely a site to check out if you haven’t visited before.

Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “New Poem Published at Algebra of Owls

  1. Congratulations and such a wonderful poem yet again! I hope your wrist gets better soon. I know how much of a pain that can be especially when it comes to writing. Blessings! 😁

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  2. oh, no! here’s hoping your wrist heals very soon. nothing more painful for a wordsmith. maybe use voice commands in the meantime to convey your words? i’ll hop over and check out your poem now, glad it was published there )

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