The Walk

I wake a full hour early
for the rare gift
of a walk in the woods
with my father.

He is a silent giant
among misty ghost gums.
I tell him, Watch!
See how fast I can run.

He doesn’t yell when I trip
and fall, but lifts me
with unfamiliar,
calloused hands.

At the end of the trail
I study my grazes—jagged
and bloody. He tells me
he’s leaving my mum.

On the walk home
I gaze at the gum trees
and fragmented clouds, thinking
they should look different somehow.

Ryan Stone

first published at Poetry Nook, 1st place Week 185

36 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. Hi Ryan! I was just thinking about you! Thinking I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while, not that I blame you at all, life gets busy. And I haven’t been good at posting as much either. I think that in this poem, the boy sees the fog and the mystery of the woods around him the “ghost gums” as something magical. Even his father is seen as someonecmagical a “giant” and the boy can run around in the woods and get hurt and see his father as someone gentle and caring. But then he says he’s leaving the boy’s “mum” and the magical forest, the magic of his father the gentle giant, is no longer. The woods may still seem magic and fun, but they are t any longer. The boy thinks they should appear frightened perhaps, and dark and scary, like the words his father just said. Perhaps his father is no longer a giant he can trust, but someone who has shown cruelty in not loving the boy’s mum and staying with her. Wonderful to read your work 🙂

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  2. this is so beautifully said, ryan. at that moment, the boy’s life changed forever and he was expecting the entire world around him to show some change as well. wonderful and good to see you and your words –

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