22 thoughts on “You’re Missing

      • Oh my. I’m sorry, have you gotten a new dog since? When I interviewed you a couple years back I remember you telling me you’d run w/ your dog, then stop to jot ideas down & he hated it that you stopped. I’m doing okay. Done work work for a few weeks other than checking in. Now to bake, finish Christmas shopping, & catch up with some writing I hope. How are you? How’s your writing going? I do recall you had some chapbooks/novels in process? Do you do the Christmas shopping or is that your lovely wife? 😉

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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry Ryan this bring tears to my eyes he was your wonderful companion…I lost several pets they will never be forgotten they all are living inside my heart and soul! I missed to read your beautiful poetry and I came to visit! Hugs my friend!


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