He Who Fights Monsters

I won’t survive this dark night’s lunacy.
Waves smash against the fortress of my mind
with an endless ebb and flow of misery—
I’m drowning in a Labyrinth I designed.

No compass, satnav, Valium can save
me here, where even stars are scared to shine.
To a shifting siren’s song I am enslaved,
drawn down beyond the high-tide line.

Battered by winds strong as Minotaurs
my hull is breached beyond my skill to caulk.
I drift on wings of wax, then on all fours
crash land where none but monsters walk.

Light glints on broken glass, at last I see!
There’s no abyss but this one in me.

first published at Poetry Nook, September 2019

18 thoughts on “He Who Fights Monsters

  1. Hello Ryan, I enjoyed your insightful poem immensely, and I have posted/pasted, the poem on “Go Dog Go Cafe” — Promote-A-Poet-Writer-Thursday. .. I am a member of the writing/barista team there…. Below/attached, is a copy of the comments promoting your poem, on the “Go Dog Go Cafe” site…..

    “Hello dear readers, today I would like promote one of my favourite poets, here on “Promote-A-Poet-Writer-Thursday…in Ryan Stone, he is a fellow Australian poet, from Melbourne, I hope you enjoy his writings, and please go and visit more of his superb poems via his site >>https://daysofstone.wordpress.com Here is his incredible poem from his site today……

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  2. Powerful Ryan as always. An unstable mind “this night’s lunacy” and trapped in a maze a “Labyrinth” which is an action self-inflicted. Nothing can save the speaker from this “misery” and he can’t find his way out or solve being lost and miserable with drugs. He’s caught, and he can’t escape b/c he’s trapped held by a force like “a sirens song.” And many references here to being trapped and not being able to escape pointing to Greek mythology again and those mythologically trapped. Perhaps it’s that whatever the speakertries, he can’t escape and when he does it’s useless such as flying away on wings of wax (as Icarus), but still not escaping and landing back where “monsters walk.” An interesting turn at the end with your speaker realizing the only thing trapping him here “the only abyss is he.” He’s his monster, his confinement, and his cause of misery; no one else. It’s so sad to have that darkness within, and to be trapped by it. I wish he could find a way out, a light of hope.

    Also, big congrats on having this published. It’s wonderful.

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