The Weight

One drunken night, he lay on the coach road
and she lay beside him. He pictured a truck
descending–wobbling around corners,
gaining momentum. They spoke about crushes,

first kisses. He told her of an older woman
who’d stolen a thing he couldn’t replace.
He tried to describe the weight of lost things.
She listened until he stopped,
until I stopped

hiding behind he. I felt small,
watching the cosmos churn
while I lay on the coach road
one summer night,
speaking of big things
and nothing.

Ryan Stone

first published at Algebra of Owls, November 2016

Republished for dVerse poetics – Poems That Could Save Your Life – this friendship saved mine.



53 thoughts on “The Weight

  1. Powerful poem. Going from “this guy” what he’s lost, to his experiences, until he admits it’s really him, not some guy. She must have been special and great listener, for him to pour his heart out, all his secrets. And what’s between them isn’t said, but perhaps most important of all. I like the words “coach road” Too drunk to care how hard the road is? Great write Ryan.

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  2. This is breathtaking, Ryan. From the exhilaration of the beginning to the slow poignancy of the ending… You’ve nailed it! I especially love the POV switch in the middle. Perfectly handled and suggests so much. Marvellous.

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  3. I like the shift from ‘he’ to ‘I’ that signifies awareness and understanding, possibly coming to terms with oneself. That’s a great way of expressing a feeling you can’t describe:’He tried to describe the weight of lost things’.
    Your poem left me with mixed emotions, sadness and hope.

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  4. Sometimes we can only share our most intimate secrets when we are completely comfortable, otherwise, being naked in front of them, physically and emotionally, can be a challenge. I love the subtle way you deal with loss of innocence. Once we lose it, it’s gone. Another brilliant and profound write.

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  5. At last, he found someone who listened to him and someone he felt he could share his deepest thoughts with. A relief to have the weight lifted off his shoulders and perhaps, a new bond was formed. Thought-provoking and profound piece, Ryan.

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