Rhyme of the Kingdom

Over the mountains
and down to the sea,
you must come now
if you hope to break free.
No time to mourn
for Autumnโ€™s red bowers;
the light we once made,
now darkness devours.

I can play you
the rhymes of the kingdom,
I can sing you
the songs that you know;
but we must take wing
from this darkened halo –
we must take wing
for a devil wind blows.

Break from your prison
of urban malaise;
run to the ocean,
fly from your home.
I offer no promise
that we’ll make it –
but take my hand
and I’ll never let go.

Ryan Stone


53 thoughts on “Rhyme of the Kingdom

  1. This is so beautiful Ryan. I love the promise in this one. Love is a verb, not just a noun. And you have so gorgeously reminded us of the cindtabt decision to love the one we have chosen, although sometimes it becomes difficult to love.

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  2. Oh, here comes that other side of Ryan!
    Beautiful kingdom promised. There were so many images in my head as I read this. Atlantis, the end of seasons, the idea of departing from light into darkness of cessation. It also made me think of the myth of Persephone’s love and abduction.
    I can hear the wind echo. Gorgeous work Mr. Stone!

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  3. Ryan, โ€œRhyme of the Kingdomโ€ didnโ€™t just roll onto the paper, itโ€™s apparent a lot of thought and consideration went into each word. Youโ€™ve created so many stunning images and analogies. I really like the idea of the narrator making a promise to never โ€œlet goโ€, regardless of the challenges ahead. So many amazing and suggestive visuals penned, heaven and hell, light and dark, wings and halos. Wonderful use of the phrase โ€œurban malaiseโ€, which for me acts as a bridge connecting the beautiful storytelling with reality, bringing about the idea of going back home, โ€œthe light we once madeโ€, taking the chance/opportunity to find the way, tackling hurdles, but most of all to just give it a go. Beautiful poem, lovely rhythm and flow, the writing is superb! Please have a wonderful day. ~ Mia

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