From the Sidelines

Do you know how it feels
to stand alone in a forest
in the caesura
of a gathering storm?

With a graceful pirouette
the north wind about-faces
and just as quickly
a sou’ wester replaces
the breathy, dry kisses
of long afternoons in the sun.
Drawing breath from your lungs
and heat from your soles,
lowercase twisters
scatter leaves with abandon.
There’s a pause,

it is electric,
then thunder above.
A first splash, the herald,
caresses your skin
and whispers of days
when you sucked the air in
and laughed until laughter ran dry;
when you danced and you sang
and timeless, you lay
entwined ‘neath an indigo sky.

In that place, alone,
your lenses will fail
and your notebook fall
by the by.
Your shutter can’t capture
the depths of magenta;
your pen,
the dreaming Magpie.

It’s a moment,
just a moment,
before the storm breaks
and the old song
resumes its same rhyme.

Do you feel it?
Can you grab it?
A resolution, of sorts:
to wring from
each minute
a lifetime.

by Ryan Stone


78 thoughts on “From the Sidelines

  1. “Drawing breath from your lungs
    and heat from your soles”

    “When you sucked the air in
    and laughed until laughter ran dry”
    Had heard of tears and blood running dry. You painted magic with this. Drying my mouth to the hilt. I need air, Ryan. πŸ™‚
    Can it get better than this? No Sir!

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  2. Love this. Great rhythm and flow. Wonderful descriptions and the images your words create are beautiful. Like the lines: “to wring from each minute a lifetime” I believe that is always what we crave what we want. I wish we could always do it!

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  3. Ryan, β€œFrom the Sidelines” is stunning. Very impressive, the writing is beautiful, not only for beauty’s sake, but also for insightfulness, recognizing the essence that moments are able to capture. It’s really wonderful as the narrator asks the reader, β€œDo you know how it feels” and then proceeds to take the reader on an amazing visual and emotional journey where each minute holds a lifetime of events. Truly outstanding my friend, you have such a marvelous talent. Please enjoy the rest of the weekend, always wishing you well. ~ Mia

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    • Dear Mia, your feedback is thoughtful as ever. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to know that such a talented writer is willing to invest the time to read and study my writing and offer such considered and insightful responses. Your friendship and support means the world and I thank you kindly.
      My weekend was fantastic, thank you. I hope yours was also. Take care and thank you once more πŸ™‚

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  4. Your writing, like your photography, captures those little moments that are often missed by many of us. In both cases, time stands still and readers can place themselves in your shoes. All the subtle personal movements are perfectly balanced with what’s happening in your environment. As you resolve to capture the essence within the seconds, we are left running into the forest with you, beyond the building mist, and anticipate what is next. Great writing, my friend. It’s truly inspirational.

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  5. Wow, this imagery is fantastic!! Incredibly vivid and like being right there. I won’t say more having analyzed a couple of your wonderful poetry pieces I’ll spare you a third. Hope u publish a poetry book someday. Just saying, but I’d buy it in hard/soft cover and I can’t say there’s many books I wouldn’t just buy on line these days. Hope all is well. Fall here nearly hope you’re doing good πŸ™‚

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    • Hi, Amanda! What a lovely thing for you to say. I’ve actually been looking through my poems lately with a view to putting an ebook together. I’d love to have a small book of my own published. Thank you for the encouragement. Enjoy your Fall, I’ve finally swapped winter for spring but, if anything, it seems colder and wetter than it was! I hope that changes soon-I’m in desperate need of some sunshine. I really appreciate your kin comments, thank you πŸ™‚

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      • Sunless weather is no fun! For me I notice the lack of Vitamin D. Enjoy your spring. I hear summers are pretty hot hot there. My brothers visited a couple times. First time he went in Australian summer he said never again lol. It’s a hard change when that time of year in Canada is -30 degrees Celsius.
        And yes put together that poetry book!

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      • Haha that made me laugh. Guys here wear shorts when it gets to that temperature in spring lol. I aren’t the only one the first cold snap pretty much kills us all and we pray for 6 months of winter not 8!
        I’m the opposite, I wish O could stand that heat but unless it’s a dry heat like in Arizona I get heat sick. Takes a few days to get used to it! My brother did love it over there though.
        Thanks again πŸ™‚

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